Day 60: Structures of Compounds

For Day 60, students used the Chrome app MolView* to compare the structures of atomic, molecular and ionic solids. Students the connections between atoms when viewing packing arrangements of the 3 different types of solids.

Sodium chloride.clipular

Students were able to construct a set of rules for determining if a solid is ionic, molecular or atomic from it’s structure using their observations.

*MolView works very similarly to the Mercury software but is a lot easier when every student needs a device because no install is necessary.


4 thoughts on “Day 60: Structures of Compounds

  1. Did you have students look at all of the suggested solids per the AMTA curriculum, or did you choose the individual solids to study? I’m also looking into using MolView, and it looks easier than Mercury to use.


    1. I basically use the same worksheet from AMTA but with molview. Once you figure out the tricks of molview, I think it is overall easier than mercury, especially if you are limited to chromebooks.


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